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Another new fund is the Osborne County Ag and FFA Programs Fund. This fund has been established as a quasi-endowed fund.  This means each year a grant to USD 392 Ag and FFA Programs will be made eligible from the available endowment.  This grant is computed annually based upon the current spending policy of the foundation (currently 5% of the average past three year-end Fund balances).  The advisory committee for this fund can accept the grant, or if the full allotted 5% isn’t deemed necessary, then the unused balance would remain in the fund for growth.  On the flipside, if the school program identifies a larger need or special request for funds, there is flexibility to award more than the 5% if the advisory committee identifies and establishes an appropriate project or need exists. The goal is to grow this fund and have a place for people or businesses to give if they want to support future Ag and FFA Programs at USD 392. Please note, any memorial or gift should be made to OCCF with a note that it is for OSBORNE COUNTY AG and FFA PROGRAMS Fund.  Donations can also be made online atOsborneccf.org.  Checks should NOT be made out to USD 392.


By partnering with the local Foundation to maintain and administer charitable funds, ensuring that they are used in accordance with the donor’s wishes, community members and alumnus of the district can make a meaningful impact on the lives of students and the community as a whole. The Foundation helps facilitate the process of funding an endowment for student success through scholarships or distributing charitable funds for specific projects within the school district, like school improvements or other special interest projects.  Scholarship funds can be created with an initial investment of $25,000 and special interest funds with an initial investment of $10,000.


To learn more about the Osborne County Community Foundation, visit their website at osborneccf.org or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram under Osborne County Community Foundation –Kansas.  For direct inquiries, OCCF can be reached via email at osborneccf@gmail.com or by calling785-345-5130.

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