Affiliate Board:

Christy Hammer, Chair
Lisa Schemm, Vice Chair
Virginia Popp, Secretary
Lindsey Bussen, Treasurer
Mike Chaney
Gabe Cox
Lori Elder
John Foster

Alicia Lock Mattsen, Advisor

Contact Information:

Natalie Cox, Program Coordinator
PO Box 471
Sharon Springs, KS 67758

(785) 821-4258

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WCF Strategic Doing

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Group Topics Identified at Strategic Doing

Match Month 2018!

During the month of December, your donation to the Wallace County Endowment Fund will be matched $1 for $1 by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation!  Learn more about this opportunity or donate online at:

Wallace County Foundation became an agency affiliate of Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation in August 2018.

Foundation Funds:

  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund for Wallace County

Wallace County is one of 26 counties in northwest Kansas that has been awarded two rounds of $50,000 grants per year since 2015 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. This grant fund was established in March 2015 to allow qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations; or educational, governmental or religious institutes per IRS, to apply for funding assistance for projects intended for Wallace County benefit. Qualifying entities may apply online; grants are awarded through a competitive application process. For criteria and application information, click here; also found on the Grants and Scholarships tab.  The Hansen Foundation has guaranteed additional rounds of funding to continue through 2021, providing continual county-wide participation in the Wallace County Strategic Doing Initiative.

Other Information:

Give a Gift of Grain

Purchase or Redeem a Giving Card

Need to find a gift for someone who has everything? Give a Giving Card. Much like retail gift cards, Giving Cards are given to celebrate birthdays, holidays, a job well done, or other special occasions. Giving Cards can be redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States (including schools, churches and synagogues).

Keep 5 in Kansas

We have an opportunity in Wallace County to turn our hopes for the future into reality!  If we capture a portion of the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next – even just 5% – by setting up endowments through the Wallace County Foundation, we could provide a permanent source of funding for our local organizations and causes that will greatly improve the lives of the residents of Wallace County.

To learn how you can Keep 5 in Wallace County, visit