An Agency Foundation of Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation

Affiliate Board

Christy Hammer / Mike Chaney, Co-Chairs
Lisa Walker, Vice Chair
Kim VanLaeys, Secretary
Kodi Hammer, Treasurer

Mike Chaney
Gabe Cox
Austin Hawkins
Virginia Popp

Contact Information

Wallace County Foundation
PO Box 471
Sharon Springs, KS 67758

Grace Reinecker, Program Assistant

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Wallace County Foundation

The Foundation became an Agency Foundation of Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation in August 2018 with select funds managed by GNWKCF.

Foundation Funds:

  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation Community Grant Fund for Wallace County

Wallace County is one of 26 counties in northwest Kansas that has been awarded 14 rounds of $50,000 grants per year since 2015 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, with 12 of those county funds established through the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation.. This grant fund was established in March 2015 to allow qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations; or educational, governmental or religious institutes per IRS, to apply for funding assistance for projects intended for Wallace County benefit. Qualifying entities may apply online; grants are awarded through a competitive application process. The Hansen Foundation has guaranteed additional rounds of funding to continue through 2025, providing continual county-wide participation in the Wallace County Strategic Doing Initiative, but this funding will adjust to $25,000 increments as of April 2022. For criteria and application information, click here.

Click HERE to see a list of all grants awarded from January 2017 to April 2019.

  • Wallace County Foundation Amusement Association Fund

This Fund was established to support the needs of the Wallace County home-owned carnival and fairground including projects and upkeep.

  • Wallace County Foundation Unrestricted Fund

This Fund was established for unrestricted use that is seen as a charitable benefit within Wallace County, or within the communities of Sharon Springs, Wallace or Weskan.

  • Wallace County Hansen Endowment Fund

This Fund was established in 2018 through utilizing a matching campaign initiative offered through the Dane G. Hansen Foundation. Incoming donations to this fund during December are matched $1 to $1 by the Hansen Foundation through 2025. The Fund is available for donors to continually donate to throughout the year; building this endowment will allow local grant dollars to be utilized for projects and needs of Wallace County and the communities within for years to come.

Additional Funds:

  • Allen & Berna (Cox) Scott Endowment Fund
  • Fort Wallace Memorial Association Fund
  • Fox Still Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Harold and Eileen Frasier Memorial Fund
  • Lisa Scott Scholarship Fund
  • Mac and Bill Jones Family Scholarship Fund
  • Ruth Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • W. Paul Kirkham Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Wallace County Foundation Operating Fund
  • Wallace County Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
  • Wallace County Foundation Grant Project Fund
  • Donor Advised Funds (DAF’s)

Donors receive charitable gift receipts for the contributions to their established DAF.  The fund is normally named in someone’s memory or established as a “Family Fund”, however, the donor(s) may personalize as they wish.  The donor(s) are setup as the advisors to their Fund, which allows them to make all grant recommendations from their DAF.  Grant recommendations must be to qualifying charitable 501(c)(3) organizations, educational, government or religious entities per IRS rules.  The donor(s) may name succeeding generations as successor advisors or transition it to the Foundation to advise over upon donor(s) death.

Contact one of our Wallace County Foundation board members or staff to learn more, or contact GNWKCF directly at 785-734-2406.

Giving Cards

Purchase or Redeem a Giving Card

Need to find a gift for someone who has everything? Give a Giving Card. Much like retail gift cards, Giving Cards are given to celebrate birthdays, holidays, a job well done, or other special occasions. Giving Cards can be redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States (including schools, churches and synagogues).

Keep 5 in Kansas

We have an opportunity in Wallace County to turn our hopes for the future into reality!  If we capture a portion of the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next – even just 5% – by setting up endowments through the Wallace County Foundation, we could provide a permanent source of funding for our local organizations and causes that will greatly improve the lives of the residents of Wallace County.

To learn how you can Keep 5 in Wallace County, visit