Test Survey

Thank you for taking the NW KS Charitable Organization Needs Survey. In response to this pandemic, your local community foundation is seeking your input one what unique challenges are facing our local organizations at this time. Based on responses, we hope that your local community foundation can assist in meeting at least some of these challenges.

Type of Organization
Address (Mailing, City, State, Zip)
County served.
(Select all counties in which your organization DIRECTLY serves people.)
Populations You Serve:
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List all of the unmet needs that have arisen for your organization due to Covid-19 at this time that you consider to be an added burden (staff time and/or financially) at this time.
Describe the biggest challenge your organization faces, due to COVID-19,  to provide services to the people served by your organization.
Please list any extra supplies or services your organization is willing to share with another organization during this time. (Could include disinfectants, meal delivery, diapers, etc.)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  A representative from your local community foundation will be reviewing all of the information collected. Plans will either be communicated directly with organizations or through local media or on social media (Facebook).