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The pictures are from 1958 of Marcie Adler at the Russell Pool (left photo), doing synchronized swimming (top right) and her swimming class attendees (bottom right). 
In a 2016 response to an Op-Ed piece on swimming in the New York Times Marcie stated, "As a daily half-mile lap swimmer I am mesmerized by and take pleasure from being suspended in a body of water. I cherish being freed from gravity and safe from the outside world, in a place where I have finalized some of my most important decisions and continue to enjoy reflecting on the pleasures and demands of life. This seclusion reboots my spirit. As a young girl growing up on the plains of Kansas during the hot summer the city pool was the coolest place in town. Even today, I am always looking for the ideal pool and surroundings to create the gold standard for a swim. My late husband often commented lightheartedly that I was not fit to live with if I missed my daily swim!" 
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